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Markets Served

Engineering and Construction Firms, Petrochemical Plants, Process OEM's, and specific end users in Houston and on the Gulf Coast  to support our manufacturers.  Focused on engineered products that typically have longer sales cycles and required coordination between engineering, design, purchasing and other functions within the customer.   Focus on finding the right engineer/designer that specifies products and tracking through procurement to secure orders.

Manufactures Represented

We are focused on providing value to each of our manufacturers.  It is our goal to grow their business in the Houston/Gulf Coast - both by capitalizing and growing existing market/customer base and growing into new markets.  Engineered product sales take time, persistence, and collaboration with manufacturers.  It is a consultative process between the agency and principal.  Our goal is to identify projects and and establish ourselves as a preferred vendor on projects and with end users - then secure projects through a negotiated sale or competitive bid as the customer dictates.

We have limited number of manufacturers we are committed to grow with.  We will only take on additional likes if they are in line with our company goals and objectives.  We will not simply add manufacturers if they do not fit with our philosophy or we cannot commit the necessary resources to effective sell the products.

Company Philosophy

Establish long term relationships with our principals and customers.  Track and secure projects for engineered equipment and products.  Realize these projects are long term and require persistence, patience and an understanding of the project procurement process.

Treat people as you wish to be treated. Simple but effective. One of the key tenants of our business growth has been to help guide people to the best solutions, regardless if it is with us or not. We strongly believe that by doing this and never steering people into solutions that might work, but is not necessarily the best, most cost effective solution, we may lose the initial opportunity, but will be appreciated by our potential clients and ultimately result in them coming back to us for an application where we can provide the best solution. As we like to say to our customers, we're here today and will be here tomorrow and we're not in this for short term benefits. We also feel very strongly about partnering up with reputable manufacturers who have the same philosophy as us. We are tremendously grateful for the support that our key business partners provide us, and we do our best to support them in the same fashion. 

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