Kennedy Tank

ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 Pressure Vessels
TEMA rated Heat Exchangers - ASPEN Design Technology - Can assist with process design
UL142, API 650, UL58, UL985, Distillation columns, Custom Design and manufacturer of tanks/vessels
Stainless steel columns and vessels
Field Erected tanks within 1000 mile radius of Indianapolis 

HDT Nordic Air

Heavy Duty HVAC systems for Corrosive, Extreme temperature (up to 200 F)
High Humidity, and excessive vibration applications
Excellent for Steel Plants, Paper Mills, Cement fans, and critical MCC and machine control with high ambient temperatures
Inherent design for Severe Duty​

ProChem Water

Batch and continuous flow treatment systems for industrial/produced water treatment
Ion Exchange, Reverse Osmosis, Chemical treatment technologies
Manufacture of systems, installation and commissioning, operation and own/operate capabilities​


Hydraulic Mounting Equipment - Installation Kits, pusher and puller assemblies, pressure kits
Tensioning systems - stud tensioners, engineered studs/nuts/bolts, Hydraulic Tensioner Nuts
External Tensioning Systems, HRT Tensioning Systems, Hydraulic bolt/Stud Tensioners
Crosshead nut for reciprocating compressors
Shaft Joining Technology - Torque Couplers, Ring and Plug Gauges, Rotational Dampers, Torque Blockers

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Swiger Coil

Copper Coils for Motor Rewinds
Armature, stator, edgewound/bent, specialty coils up to 7 kV
Fast turnaround on quotations and delivery to eliminate downtime
Traction/Transit OEM Motor repair and manufacture    

AFL Industries

Oil Water Stop Valves

Oil Water Separators and Systems


Wet Scrubbers

Packed Bed Absorber


Venturi Scrubber

Treat Particulates - NOX, SOX, HCl, HF, HBR, Ammonia, Dioxins/Furans

Full Engineering and Turn Key Systems

Envea Global

Continues Emission Monitoring Systems - CEMS

Ambient Monitoring

Particulate Analyzers, In Situ and close coupled Analyzers, Dilution based analyzers

Full suite of products for HCl, HF, NO, NO2, N20, SO2, CO, CH4, CO2%, O2 and more

US offices and manufacturing in Geneva, Wi

Manufacturers Represented by Texas Industrial Sales

(281) 741-4185