Industrial Dust Collection

Pulse Jet Baghouse, Catridge, Reverse Air, Cyclones, Bin Vent

Pneumatic Conveying

Bag Dump, Bulk Bag Unloader, Bulk Storage, Control Systems, Blowers, Rotary Airlocks, Silos, Scale Hoppers

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Manufacturers Represented by Texas Industrial Sales

Envea Global

Continues Emission Monitoring Systems - CEMS

Ambient Monitoring

Particulate Analyzers, In Situ and close coupled Analyzers, Dilution based analyzers

Full suite of products for HCl, HF, NO, NO2, N20, SO2, CO, CH4, CO2%, O2 and more

US offices and manufacturing in Geneva, Wi


Hydraulic Mounting Equipment - Installation Kits, pusher and puller assemblies, pressure kits
Tensioning systems - stud tensioners, engineered studs/nuts/bolts, Hydraulic Tensioner Nuts
External Tensioning Systems, HRT Tensioning Systems, Hydraulic bolt/Stud Tensioners
Crosshead nut for reciprocating compressors
Shaft Joining Technology - Torque Couplers, Ring and Plug Gauges, Rotational Dampers, Torque Blockers

Kennedy Tank

ASME Section VIII, Div. 1 Pressure Vessels
TEMA rated Heat Exchangers - ASPEN Design Technology - Can assist with process design
UL142, API 650, UL58, UL985, Distillation columns, Custom Design and manufacturer of tanks/vessels
Stainless steel columns and vessels
Field Erected tanks within 1000 mile radius of Indianapolis 

Universal Hydraulik

Hybrid Heat Exchangers - Shell & Tube and Fin - Smallest Cooler on Market

Customized and Catalog Design - can match your current envelope

4-5 Tests per cooler before shipment - welding and cleaning before assembly    

ProChem Water

Batch and continuous flow treatment systems for industrial/produced water treatment
Ion Exchange, Reverse Osmosis, Chemical treatment technologies
Manufacture of systems, installation and commissioning, operation and own/operate capabilities


Wet Scrubbers

Packed Bed Absorber


Venturi Scrubber

Treat Particulates - NOX, SOX, HCl, HF, HBR, Ammonia, Dioxins/Furans

Full Engineering and Turn Key Systems